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Should I Replace My Carpet Before Selling My House?

Should I Replace My Carpet Before Selling My House?

If you are planning on putting your home on the market you may wonder, should I replace my carpet before selling my house? If your carpet has seen better days, get rid of it! Consider replacing your worn-out rugs with a new one or even laminate or hardwood floors. By doing this you are making your home feel clean and modern. If your carpets are fairly new and in good condition, get them professionally cleaned, it makes a huge difference, especially if you are pet owners. No prospective buyer wants to walk into a home that has pet stains on the carpet or the smell of animals embedded in it. If you already have hardwood or laminate floors, make sure they are clean and shiny, no more walking around the house in shoes!


Will replacing my carpet really help when selling my home?

If you have carpet that is stained and worn out seriously think about replacing it. If that is not an option or not in the budget, then get them professionally cleaned. Sometimes carpets can look old and worn out, but with a thorough deep clean they can look newer and less worn. Lighter color carpets are less forgiving in the stain arena than darker ones. When you’re looking at your carpet thinking of what to do, put yourself in the buyer’s position. Is this an eye sore that will deter a buyer? Sometimes its hard to look objectively and its amazing what we get used too. I know when it comes to my unfortunate beige carpets they show all the stains. Even though they have been professionally cleaned there are some stains that just won’t come out, especially in those high traffic areas. If you’re in the same situation you may want to consider ripping up that dingy old carpet and replace it — or — put in hardwood floors. Now this can become costly as well but that’s why laminate is a great option as well.

Laminate floors are a fantastic alternative

There are some laminate floors that look just like hard wood and tile but are much less expensive, durable, and look great. Doing this will help increase the value of your home so you can demand top dollar. Plus, if redoing your floors was always on your long to do list, then now is the time to take care of it. It could mean the difference between an offer at full price and no offers at all.

Shopping for flooring is easy at Home Depot
Laminate flooring image from Home Depot

Check out all the laminate flooring options at Home Depot!

This is a must for pet owners

If you’re a pet owner like I am, you know that the occasional accident can happen. And let’s face it, pets have fur…a lot of fur which gets embedded into the carpet. Pets also cause odors which no buyer should have to experience, especially as their first impression when they walk into your home. Think of those glad commercials… have you gone “nose blind?” Making sure your carpets and floors are clean and smell fresh will help a prospective buyer envision themselves living there.

If your carpet or flooring is fairly new and/or in good shape, make sure they are cleaned, even getting some carpet refreshing powder and use it when you’re vacuuming makes a big difference. Fabric holds smells, remember that. Have a friend come over and ask them to tell you honestly “what do you smell?”

If you don’t have any carpeting in your home, make sure all floors are spotless. Try, if you don’t already, to take your shoes off before walking around and insist on your guests doing the same. Wearing shoes in the house are the quickest way to dirty up you freshly cleaned home and may even bring in germs, yuck!

Replacing your carpet before listing your home is one of many great ways to help increase the value. For more tips or if you’re looking to buy sell or rent, give me a call at (845) 224-8385 or send me an email at and I would be happy to help make your real estate dreams come true!

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